MindFusion.Silverlight Pack 2013.R1

MindFusion.Silverlight Pack 2013.R1: Advanced diagramming, scheduling and reporting components for Silverlight. A pack of MindFusion advanced diagramming, scheduling, reporting and gauge components for Silverlight. The controls can be used in many types of business applications that need to visualize process management, resource planning, organizational structures, etc.

Estimate 1.0: A simple software to estimate
Estimate 1.0

A simple software to estimate. You create your own form of data (items, materials, time required) and you only have to enter the quantities. Press a key you print and visualize your estimate. DIRECTIONS: decompress in a folder and click twice on the file "Estima" choose to continue if a message appears.

project, submission, evaluate, management, estimate

File Renamer 2005 5.0: File Renamer 2005 is an all-in-one power-packed utility to rename files.
File Renamer 2005 5.0

File Renamer 2005 is an all-in-one power-packed utility to rename the files speedily and efficiently without any errors as it has an in-built preview pane to visualize the after-effects of renamed files. If you find the tedious task of renaming your thousand of files individually by keying in the name for each and every file you want to rename. Think again, File Renamer 2005 is now your God-send helping hand.

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Block Drop 2.15

Falling blocks variant with 49 unique blocks, Block Drop is very mentally challenging and will test your ability to visualize 2 dimensional space. This is not a timed game, pause the game at any time to study the playing field. Slide blocks in from the side to fill in holes left behind from other blocks that didn`t fit correctly. Many other interesting features. Regnow online ordering at

shareware, games, strategy, computer, block, falling, kidsafe, logic

Digits memory 01 005: Memorize the nombers. You can do it! Memory is one of the activities of human
Digits memory 01 005

Memorize the nombers. You can do it! We live in a see of numbers: social security numbers, dates, license plate numbers, prices, zip codes, etc. Yet without a special technique, numbers are very difficult to memorize because they are so hard to associate. Our brains think with pictures, not with numbers. It`s easier for us to visualize an elephant eating a ham sandwich than to picture the string of numbers 32334698.

tips, memory, eydetic, soft, mnemonic

C/Delphi/Basic Code 2 Flowchart 1.0: Create easy to understand flowcharts out of difficult program source code.
C/Delphi/Basic Code 2 Flowchart 1.0

Create easy to understand flowcharts out of difficult to understand program source code. You can use this tool to document, visualize and understand source code. The program can process C like source code (C,C++,C#,PHP,Perl, Java, Javascript etc.), Pascal like source code (Delphi, Turbo Pascal, Free Pascal etc.) and Basic like source code (Visual Basic, VBScript, QBasic, QuickBasic etc.). The export as PDF file and picture file is supported.

basic, qbasic, javascript, pascal, vb script, quickbasic, cad kas, flussdiagramm, code, c delphi basic, delphi 2 flowchart, java, perl

Venice Carnival Wallpaper 1024 1.1: 12 great Venice Carnival 2004 wallpaper in 1024x768.
Venice Carnival Wallpaper 1024 1.1

12 great Venice Carnival 2004 wallpaper in 1024x768. An index page let`s you to visualize the 12 wallpapers simultaneously: left click on that of your choice to increase the image, right click on the image increased to install it as wallpaper. Full automatic install and uninstall, no modification of your configuration.

wallpaper, carnival, venice carnival, venice

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